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Published: 2016-09-06

How Universal Will Win10 UWA/UWP Be If There Is No Windows Universe?

Published: 2016-08-28

One Implementation Is Worth 1000 Theories

Published: 2016-07-27

Open Your Garage Door With Your Android Phone (Bluetooth & ATMega328)

Published: 2016-06-08

Cross-Platform Dev: Computing Snipe Hunt (Xamarin)

Published: 2016-06-03

Draw A Pattern, Create A Strong Password

Published: 2016-05-26

Hey, Google, I Don't Want The Latest Android OS

Published: 2016-05-19

Destroy All Passwords: Never Memorize A Password Again

Published: 2016-04-09

Why I'm Not Allowed To Sell My Book Cheaper

Published: 2016-04-07

The Best (& Worst) Thing About Self-Publishing

Published: 2016-03-28

Firebase: Make Your App Come Alive

Published: 2016-03-27

The Monster That Ate My Creativity: Word Processors

Published: 2016-03-18

Android Intents: Into the Dev Vortex

Published: 2016-03-14

Android: Databinding Is Built-in, Right?

Published: 2016-03-11

Dev's Valuable Ability: Understanding Errors & Crashes

Published: 2016-03-09

Why Are Tech Books So Expensive?

Published: 2016-03-06

Android Dev: Little Pieces, Broken Apart