100 Android programs to help you learn Android programming


What Is Android100?

It is a blog that walks you through the creation of complete Android apps.  

Following the instructions in these blog entries will allow you to

  1. Learn to develop our own apps
  2. Learn how to use various parts of the Android programming API
  3. Walk through code to see how specific implementations actually work
  4. Find reusable code you can use in your own apps to make your app dev faster

Why Have I Created This Blog?

One of the things I've noticed with books is that most of them teach you to code in little pieces with short snippets but they don't show you how to put together an entire application.  That's what this site is about, building complete apps.

Of course, sometimes I have to focus on some specific code so closely in order to explain it well that the explanation of one app may take numerous blog entries.

If My Site Helps You With Android Programming

I hope you enjoy the site and it helps you learn to program Android apps. 
If you like the site, I hope you'll tweet me or contact me and let me (and others) know.