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December 03, 2017

Programming Windows 10 Via UWP Part 1 released
Includes chapters 1 - 8

Get All Source Code

Github Source

Source code for Chapters 1 - 9

Clone the entire repo or download the zip of all code^

January 08, 2017

Choose the CYaPass menu item to visit the C'YaPass site and learn more.

C'YaPass Is Available For Free Download

All links open in a new tab/window

For iPhone / iPad

C'YaPass in App Store^

For Android Phones & Devices

C'YaPass in Google Play Store^

For Windows Desktop App

Windows Desktop App landing page with details

Try It In Your Browser: No Install Required

C'YaPass HTML5 / JavaScript Single Page App^

Coming soon...Windows App Store (Universal Windows App)

April 10, 2016

Choose the LYAA Menu item for Launch Your Android App files and info

Launch Your Android App Is Available

Available At Amazon

Launch Your Android App is available at Amazon as a Kindle book for $2.99.

The print version is also available at Amazon ($16.99). I initially wanted to provide the print version for only $9.99 however I was not _allowed_ to do so. Read the article about this at : Why I'm Not Allowed to Sell My Book Cheaper

If you buy the print version from Amazon you are able to obtain the Kindle version for free from amazon. See amazon for more details.

Kindle owners can read the Kindle version for free (as their free book of the month).

KOLL (Kindle Online Lending Library) subscribers can read the book for free.